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Awnings of the Upstate Warranty

Awning Warranty

The awnings and canopies from Awnings of the Upstate are manufactured under the highest standards of production, after comprehensive research and development, and will be warranted to the original purchaser from the date of purchase. The awning will be warranted for a period of no less than five years, depending on which series of awning you choose, against the occurrence of manufacturing defects directly resulting in peeling, flaking, blistering or rusting under conditions of normal use and service. Subject to the terms and conditions contained in the limited warranty.
Original Property Owner Warranty Coverage: During the warranty period to the original property owner, if any material defect occurs as claimed and established under the warranty coverage provided in this warranty, Awnings of the Upstate agrees to provide material, refinish or replace only the parts found to be defective at no cost to the original property owner. The effective warranty period shall not be increased by any such warranty work performed, but the remaining warranty time period shall continue to be in effect and be applicable under the terms and conditions of this limited warranty to the warranty work performed.
Awnings of the Upstate does not warrant installation or defects caused by installation. This limited warranty does not cover any other defects as specified herein. This limited warranty does not cover any other damage or material failure resulting from, but not limited to, normal weathering, oxidation, accidental damage or intentional damage, fire or flood, windblown objects, windstorm, sleet or chemical pollutants, mildew or structural defects, negligent maintenance, misuse or abuse, or any other causes or occurrences beyond the control of Awnings of the Upstate.
This limited warranty shall be void if incompatible accessory items are installed that cause defects to occur. The limited warranty shall be void if harmful cleaning compounds are used.
This limited warranty applies to the frame and its components only. Fabric, motor and electronics manufacturers have their own specific warranties.
Note: A complete copy of the limited warranty will be included with your purchase!

The Sunbrella Fabrics

Sunbrella fabrics are made from 100 percent solution-dyed acrylic yarns. Solution dying is the process of adding color to the acrylic fibers during manufacturing while they are in liquid state. This characteristic of Sunbrella fabrics is the key to locking in color, easy cleaning and long life.
Because Sunbrella fabrics are woven, they are also highly breathable, which is why they dry quickly with only air exposure. It is also important to know that Sunbrella fabrics are treated with a fluorocarbon finish that enhances water repellency. This finish requires replenishment after vigorous cleaning.
Sunbrella fabrics will not support the growth of mildew, but dirt on the fabric can lead to mildew growth, which makes regular cleanings important. No set timetable exists for when fabric should be cleaned, and the local environment has a great deal to do with determining cleaning frequency. Cleaning is required less frequently in a dry environment than in a humid one with heavy foliage.
Sunbrella awning and marine fabrics carry a five-year limited warranty, detailing no more than a 5 percent fade of original color over five years from the time of purchase. With proper care and cleaning, you can expect excellent service from
Sunbrella fabrics far beyond warranty periods.
Note: Full cleaning instructions are detailed with the purchase of your fabric awning.